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Laptop Work


BCHM/NEUR 3700 - Fall 2022

TBD  6pm - 9pm,  C513

Instructor:  Dr. A. Zovoilis

Introduction to Bioinformatics.

A course for any students in math/computer and life sciences encountering bioinformatics for the first time. This course is a hands on experience in a computer lab which strikes a careful balance between biochemistry/biology and computer science. We are going to introduce those aspects of computer science and biochemistry/biology which underpin the subject without demanding detailed prior knowledge. Students that lack knowledge in either of these backgrounds will be supported by a number of introductory tutorials. The course is also suitable for students in Physics or other disciplines that may later think of a career in bioinformatics (please note that one of: Biochemistry 2000 or Biology 2000  or Computer Science 1620 are prerequisites). Check here why a career in bioinformatics may be good for you.

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